[SAT考試指南] Sterling Test Prep SAT World History: Complete Content Review

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This book provides a thorough and curriculum-oriented review structured to match the College Board’s most current SAT World History test content outline. The content is divided into four historical periods and is centered on seven geographic focus areas: Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia, South and Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Americas, as well as a global comparative overview. The information is presented in a clear and easy to understand style. You can study one focus area within one historical period at a time to fully comprehend and internalize important historical relationships.
Since many questions on the SAT World History Subject Test do not require simple fact recall, but rather aim to assess your overall, wider understanding of the subject, the content of this preparation book is context-based. A context-based approach to studying World History is more engaging than a raw fact-based approach and is necessary for successful test preparation. By using this book as the review guide during studying for the test, you will develop the necessary skills and will be well prepared for the SAT World History Subject Test.
The content of this book is developed and edited by highly qualified history teachers, scholars and education specialists with an emphasis on the outline and skills released by the College Board for the SAT World History Subject Test. It was examined for quality and consistency by our team of editors who are experts on teaching and preparing students for standardized tests.